Our Custom High End Millwork Services

Our exceptional customer service and flexibility make Five Star Millwork, Inc. the right choice. Our professional sales staff is highly knowledgeable in every aspect of millwork construction.

We offer a variety of services including:
• Shop drawings - need a blueprint created for your next project but don't know where to start? Our designers can draft up seamless sketches for your preview to better paint a picture of what your improvement vision can look like.

• Design services - our building specialists have years of training and experience and can work with you on building custom designs for your next building project.

• Delivery - we ensure that any of the products purchased from Five Star Millwork, Inc. are delivered in a timely manner and with the utmost care and handling.

• Installation - All of our installers are Five Star Millwork, Inc. employees. Custom commercial millwork installation needs to be done right the first time. Using our employees keeps us in control of the installation process. You can count on Five Star Millwork, Inc. We have handled very large projects with complex designs and tight schedules. You will love your casework, receptionist desk, and any area we remodel for you. All custom work is done on premises.

Corporate offices
Retail stores
Public Libraries
Schools & Institutions

Entertainment centers & bars
Home offices & Libraries
Living rooms and fireplaces
Bedrooms & custom closets
Custom doors

No matter the industry or style, project size or schedule constraints, Five Star Millwork, Inc. partners with general contractors, construction managers, architects, and interior designers to consistently produce and deliver the finest architectural woodwork and casework for commercial projects.

We work with you to capture your client’s vision and create an unforgettable first impression.
Sleek display cabinetry for high-end retail shops
Intricate historical restoration work
Stunning restaurant and hospitality interiors
Inspiring office fit-outs to support your client’s corporate image
Traditional, yet sophisticated, casework for academic establishments

Whether traditional, modern or contemporary, architectural woodwork will take your breath away
Elaborate woodwork in specialty rooms, bowling alleys, media rooms, pools and spas
Amazing Chef’s kitchens with stunning custom kitchen cabinets
Beautifully crafted bath vanities featuring curved or rounded elements.
Impeccable built-ins, custom doors,windows, and mouldings throughout your client’s home

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